On Thursday, June 15th, at the Holy day of the Blessed Body and the Blood of Christ, the bishop of Banjaluka Franjo Komarica, stayed in the ancient village of Majdan, the branch of the parish of Mrkonjić Grad, where he blessed the beginning of the work on the pastoral center.

First, together with the parish priest, who is also the manager of the neighboring parish of Liskovica, rev. Darko Anušić celebrated Mass on Corpus Christy day. About 30 Croatis gathered at the Eucharist who finally met their dream fulfillment: the beginning of building a pastoral center that would greatly facilitate their religious lives.

The Bishop in his sermon, gave fatherly encouraging words congratulating the returnees for enduring all the torture during the war, the exile under the direction of the English soldiers in February 1996. and returning to their home rubbles, which have been rebuilt or still being renewed with great effort and love. He promised them his care and assistance in the future as well. He encouraged them, as well as all the other Majdan residents, to help with their modest donations and prayer to build a pastoral center leaned on their church, which they renewed.

After the Mass, the bishop blessed the stone foundation and the beginning of the work on a modest pastoral center that is truly necessary for the Catholics of Majdan.

In the end, the parishioners thanked the parish priest rev. Anušić and Bishop Komarica for expressing their fatherly concern for the small Catholic community in Majdan.